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Thanking a Friend

Bob Bocher
Bob Bocher

Often the first step in preparing a retirement celebration is to ask colleagues and friends to share stories about the person retiring. It’s not often that you receive more stories than can possibly be incorporated into a two minute speech at the goodbye and good luck party.

This was definitely the case when we announced Bob Bocher’s retirement from the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction to our various committees and friends of the ALA Office for Information Technology Policy (OITP). I ended up with enough for several retirements and am hardly going to be able to do justice to the many well-wishers, and hand-wringers at-the-thought-of-losing-Bob’s-expertise contingent. So I’m going to need some extra space…

Most often people asked at the end of their email, “Will Bob still stay involved with OITP?”

Fortunately we do not have to worry. Bob will continue on as an OITP Fellow and we are already rubbing our hands together thinking of the things we can send his way.