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Living in a bubble: Lawmakers clash with technology

Today the R Street Institute’s Zach Graves moderated “When Lawmakers Clash with Technology,” a panel discussion exploring the consequences of a technology-illiterate Congress. I think most people would understand that Congress (with everyone else they have going on) might not be early adopters of technology, but learning that some do…

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Top secret, hush, hush

The American Library Association touts the importance of the free flow of information and access to information especially from the government and the public sector. A lack of government transparency only leads to speculation and a distrust of the government.  ALA has a Government Documents Round Table whose members focus…


The hierarchy of creative people

A coalition formed “to combat copyright piracy and demonstrate the value of creativity”— Creative America—has changed its name to CreativeFuture. Major motion picture and television companies initially formed this group now that is now considering the future, the present day, and no doubt, the past as well. CreativeFuture now has…

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“Son of SOPA,” Internet-killing MPAA horror sequel, garners serious screams

Last Friday, District Dispatch readers were no doubt given the heebie-jeebies by Carrie Russell who told an eerily familiar and terrifying tale. For the past week or so in the wake of the Sony email hack, mainstream and online media have exposed a veritable cauldron of connivance by the Motion…