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Tag: Pat Ball

The Next Digital Divide: Productive Access

Pat Ball

As summer approaches in many cities across the country, many public library computers, wireless networks and open spaces will be in high demand by adults and children. The wait for access to computers will be a little longer, wireless networks will slow at peak times of the day because of the volume of use.

The Digital Divide in its original definition made the distinction between those who could afford to buy a computer and those who could not, thereby creating a socially unequal society where those who had access were exposed to better opportunities in education, health, employment, government services and other basic empowering services.  Access to computers in libraries help close this gap tremendously. It was reported in “Opportunities for All: How the American Public Benefits from Internet Access at US Libraries,” that across the country basically all public libraries provided free access to a computer and more and more are providing wireless access as well.

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