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Libraries comment on licensing proposal

The Library Copyright Alliance (LCA), of which ALA is a member, filed comments on the U.S. Copyright Office’s proposal for a five-year pilot to test the efficacy of an extended collective licensing (ECL) model for the non-profit, educational use of protected works in mass digitization collections. The U.S. Copyright Office…

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What impact will the Google Book Search saga have on copyright reform?

Librarians applauded when the U.S. District Court protected Google’s searchable book database in November of last year. In the dismissal of the case, the Court called Google Book Search a fair use under the copyright law. But is the case over, given that the Authors Guild has already filed an…

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Google Books Case Moves Forward

In U.S. District Court on Monday, Judge Denny Chin held a hearing on Authors Guild v. Google, another step in the long-running “Google Books” case. At issue is whether Google’s scanning of over 20 million copies of books, largely received from university libraries, to create a searchable database constitutes a…


Book scanning case set for trial while parties continue negotiations

Seeing limited progress in settlement negotiations, Judge Chin established a trial schedule for the Google Books case to begin in July 2012. All parties said they would continue negotiations while also preparing for trial. Chin suggested that the trial would concern the “snippets” issue, but both the Association of American Publishers…

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