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Tag: fair use

Congress stands still; technology, the courts and fair use marches onwards

Guest Blog Post by Tom Lipinski* As I was preparing the readings for my doctoral seminar in Information Policy class the other week I ran across a Congressional Budget Office report from 2004 [Copyright Issues in Digital Media (A Congressional Budget Office Paper)]. The last part of the report evaluates…


A non-transformative argument for orphan works

Guest Post by Eric Harbeson, University of Colorado, Boulder In the last decade, policymakers and advocates have been debating how best to solve the problem of “orphan works”—those works that are, or are presumed to be, under copyright, yet whose rightful owner cannot be identified or found. That orphan works…


Fair use déjà vu

Occasionally I’ll walk back to the office library and pull out a decades old ALA Bulletin—the precursor to American Libraries—and open to a random page just to see what drew ALA readers’ interest in days gone by. In the year 1980, we were talking about the “coming revolution” of the…