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Tag: Continuing Resolution

Failing to finish funding bills, Congresses presses pause

Unable to reach agreement on 12 appropriations bills, Congress last week passed H.R. 5325, a “Continuing Resolution” often called a CR, that keeps the Federal government operating through December 9 when Congress will be forced to return for a lame-duck session to finish the appropriations bills. The President signed the…

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Short-term bill funds Improving Literacy Through School Libraries but fight’s not over for FY2011

With time running out before the current funding bill for federal programs expired, Congress passed another short-term continuing resolution (CR) (H.J.Res. 44) this week — dodging a government shut-down. The President signed the bill yesterday, which makes $4 billion in cuts but will fund the government for another two weeks at…

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PATRIOT Act reader privacy Amendment #524 fails in House vote

The House has defeated in a 196 “yeas” to 232 “nays” vote this afternoon the Conyers-Paul-Nadler-Jones Amendment, # 524 that would have improved reader privacy protections in Section 215 of the USA PATRIOT Act.  This amendment could have returned the legal standard for law enforcement to obtain library and bookstore…

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