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…and the food was good

Maybe it was the sea air. Maybe it was because I got out of town, all (well most) expenses paid. Maybe it was because the topic was NOT ebooks. In any case, the 16th Annual Berkeley Center for Law and Technology/Berkeley Technology Law Journal Symposium on Orphan Works and Mass…

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Penguin abandons best customers: Libraries prevented from buying new e-books

Penguin Group’s decision announced yesterday — to deny libraries the ability to buy new releases in the e-book format — is an insult to libraries when we have been publishers’ most valuable customer for years. The simple fact is that libraries create readers.  Readers who borrow books (regardless of format)…

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Big win for educators! Streaming video copyright case dismissed

Yesterday, a United States District Court in California dismissed the copyright suit that Ambrose Video and the Association for Informational Media and Equipment (AIME) brought against UCLA. Ambrose Video and AIME claimed that UCLA infringed copyright when it digitized and streamed library DVDs to course management systems for educational purposes. …

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Book scanning case set for trial while parties continue negotiations

Seeing limited progress in settlement negotiations, Judge Chin established a trial schedule for the Google Books case to begin in July 2012. All parties said they would continue negotiations while also preparing for trial. Chin suggested that the trial would concern the “snippets” issue, but both the Association of American Publishers…

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Judge Chin rejects Google Book Search amended settlement agreement

On March 22 Judge Chin, for the U.S. District Court Southern District of New York, rejected the settlement among the parties in The Author’s Guild et al. v. Google Inc.  In his opinion, he stated that, While the digitization of books and the creation of a universal digital library would…

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