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House passes flawed USA FREEDOM Act; summer fight looms in Senate

By a vote of 303 – 121, the House of Representatives today passed a version of the USA FREEDOM Act (H.R. 3361) intended to end the “dragnet”-style collection of Americans’ phone records by the government, but which even many of its principal authors and sponsors acknowledged did not go far…


The silent dilemma of the digital divide

On Tuesday, May 6, 2014, education, government, technology and library experts gathered for “Responding to the Second Digital Divide,” a press briefing that explored the ways that libraries provide Internet access and technology training to their communities. Panelists detailed effective tactics to sustain and improve Internet accessibility in libraries and…

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How libraries are responding to the second digital divide

#171585959 / An alarming trend is emerging in the United States: In addition to lacking equal access to computers and the Internet, a growing number of Americans do not have the online technology skills needed to complete homework assignments, find jobs, use government services and a host of applications…

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European library association launches “right to e-read” campaign

In 1995, UNESCO designated April 23rd as World Book and Copyright Day, a day to celebrate literature, authors, and reading.  It is therefore fitting that the European Bureau of Library, Information and Documentation Associations (EBLIDA) has marked the same date to launch their “right to e-read” campaign. EBLIDA is an…

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Two billion for E-rate provides “2-for-1” benefits”

Today, the American Library Association (ALA) called on (pdf) the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to deploy newly identified E-rate program funding to boost library broadband access and alleviate historic shortfalls in funding for internal connections. In response to the FCC’s March Public Notice, the ALA seeks to leverage existing high-speed,…

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