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Archived CopyTalk webinar now available

If you missed the May 3 webinar on the Creative Commons Certificate Program, you can now access the archived copy.

Our speakers, Cable Green and Jennryn Wetzler work with the global open education community to leverage open licensing, open content, and open policies to significantly improve access to quality, affordable, education and research resources so everyone in the world can attain all the education they desire.

They presented the newly developed Creative Commons (CC) Certificate program which was created for librarians, educators, and government in response to the continued growth in the use of CC licenses globally and the corresponding need to help people acquire Commons knowledge and skills. This session will provide an overview of each of the certificates, details on how and why to take the CC Certificates, how to become a certified trainer of CC Certificates, and how the CC licensed open educational resources (OER) can be downloaded and remixed for other purposes.

Miss a CopyTalk webinar? All are available in our CopyTalk webinar archive.

CopyTalk will be on its summer hiatus in June and July, so no webinars until August 2. Have a great summer, and if you have a copyright question, check out the Copyright Advisory Network.

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Carrie Russell

Carrie Russell is the director of the Program on Public Access to Information in the Washington Office. Her portfolio includes copyright, international copyright, accessibility, e-books, and other public policy issues. She has an MLIS from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee and an MA in media arts from the University of Arizona.

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