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ALA and NCTET celebrate the 20th anniversary of E-rate

Please Note: The Summit has been moved to room 106 of the Dirksen Senate Office Building to accommodate our larger than expected number of attendees.

This month, ALA is teaming up with the National Coalition for Technology in Education and Training (NCTET) to celebrate the 20th Anniversary of E-rate! Join us on Wednesday, January 24, along with advocates and beneficiaries, to discuss E-rate successes and potential at our E-rate Summit, scheduled from 3 to 5:00 p.m. in the Capitol Visitor Center, room 202/3 room 106 of the Dirksen Senate Office Building. Anyone with an interest in learning more about E-rate is welcome to join.

The Summit will begin with a welcome from NCTET president, Amanda Karhuse, the National Association of Secondary School Principals followed with remarks delivered by Senator Ed Markey (D-MA). Evan Marwell, CEO of EducationSuperHighway, will open a panel session titled, “E-Rate Past, Present & Future.”

The panel will be moderated by Caitlin Emma, education reporter for Politico. Ms. Emma will engage panelists from the library and K12 schools’ community, covering the gamut of services these beneficiaries are able to provide because of the E-rate program. In addition to hearing from direct beneficiaries, a spokesperson for Maryland Governor Larry Hogan will address the overall impact to states. The afternoon will conclude with remarks from FCC Commissioner Jessica Rosenworcel.

The E-rate program makes it possible for libraries to offer critical and innovative community support across the nation—from urban and suburban centers to remote rural and tribal communities. ALA staff and panelists also look forward to discussing—alongside the significant strides made with E-rate modernization—areas where we can grow and improve when it comes to streamlining the program’s administration and meeting the needs and challenges of library applicants of diverse sizes and capacities.

ALA has been advocating for E-rate since 1996, most recently filing comments with the FCC this past October. This fall, over 140 librarians and libraries around the country shared moving stories about the profound impact of E-rate with the FCC.

You can read more about ALA’s work with E-rate or join us for an afternoon of telecommunications fun on Wednesday, January 24 from 3 to 5:00 p.m. in the Capitol Visitor Center.

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Emily Wagner

Emily is a deputy director of Advocacy Communications in the ALA's Advocacy and Public Policy Office. She holds a bachelor's degree from Mount Holyoke College and a master's in library and information science from Catholic University.

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  1. I will wait anxiously for the results of the summit to be published for us to read. We save over $56,000 a year because of e-rate and have been applying for e-rate discounts for over 16 years.

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