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Archived CopyTalk webinar on students and music sharing available

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An archived copy of the CopyTalk webinar “Music copyright: what do students know and what do we do about it?” is now available. Originally presented on November 2 by the Office for Information Technology Policy’s Copyright Education Subcommittee, the webinar features Kathleen DeLaurenti, Open Access Editor, Music Library Association Head Librarian, Arthur Friedheim Library at the Peabody Institute of the Johns Hopkins University.

DeLaurenti discusses her research project to identify how college-aged students perceive music copyright. Were they rabid music infringers because they didn’t understand copyright, or did what they understood guide them in a different direction? Of course, the answer is more nuanced than either choice, but the music industry might learn a lesson or two when developing educational copyright promotions and other tools based on this research. DeLaurenti won the Robert L. Oakley Memorial Scholarship in 2015, which in part helped fund her research. As a bonus, DeLaurenti’s project turned to a new direction with students creating YouTube videos that help to explain music copyright to peers. Try them out at your library!

Plan ahead! One hour CopyTalk webinars occur on the first Thursday of every month at 11am Pacific/2 pm Eastern Time. Free!

Our December 7 webinar will feature Emilie Algenio, Copyright/FairUse Librarian at the Texas A&M University. Algenio will discuss her first-year experience after appointment as a copyright librarian. This CopyTalk will be ideal for those librarians just starting their copyright gigs – don’t miss it!

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