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Where’s CopyTalk?

We are on a summer hiatus! CopyTalk webinars will start up again in September. In the meantime, you can listen to those webinars you missed in the archive!

Brought to you by an enthusiastic ALA committee—OITP Copyright Education Committee—upcoming webinars will address music copyright, copyright tutorials on music, and rights reversion with the Authors Alliance. We would love your suggestions for future topics! Contact Patrick Newell or me with your ideas. Copyright coster that reads "transformative uses tend to favor a fair use finding because a transformative use is one that communicates something new and different from the original or expands its utility, thus serving copyright's overall objective of contributing to public knowledge."

CopyTalks are one hour in duration and scheduled on the first Thursday of every month at 2 pm Eastern (1am Pacific) and of course, are free. The webinar address is always Sign in as a guest. You’re in!

Copyright Tools! These are fun!

Our copyright education committee provides fun copyright tools—guides to help you respond to common copyright questions, like “is this a fair use?” Michael Brewer, committee member extraordinaire created these tools that are now in digital form—the 108 Spinner (library reproductions), the public domain slider, the copyright genie (doesn’t she sound cute?), exceptions for instructors and the very popular fair use evaluator, available for download. All tools are available at the Copyright Advisory Network (CAN).

Our most recent tools are the fair use foldy thingys that were a big hit at Annual. You will be enthralled playing with the foldy thingy – see the video! They are available for bulk purchase from the manufacturer.

We also created fair use factor coasters, one coaster for each factor. Collect all four! Each includes a quote from a court case that illuminates the meaning and importance of each factor. Tested for quality, the coasters are functional and work well with cold bottles of beer. Collect yours at a copyright conference in your area!

Talk about service!

Don’t forget to visit the Copyright Advisory Network! Post your copyright question to the question forum and get a quick response from a copyright expert. We don’t provide legal advice but have informed opinions and are willing to share our expertise. Get on the CAN!

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Carrie Russell

As of November 2018, District Dispatch is no longer being updated. It is now being archived for future use. Please visit for the latest news.

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