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Panels announced for National Library Legislative Day 2017

There are just 20 days until National Library Legislative Day, and the speaker lineup is our best yet! You’ve likely already heard that Hina Shamshi from the ACLU will be joining us as our keynote speaker. Now check out some of the other panels we have planned:

The Political Dance

  • Jennifer Manley
    Managing Director, Prime Strategies NYC
  • Christian Zabriskie,
    Executive Director, Urban Librarians Unite; Branch Administrator, Yonkers Public Library

At times government relations feels like a complicated tango filled with intricate footwork and precise timing. This conversation between political activist Christian Zabriskie and Government Relations and Communications Consultant Jennifer Manley will cover a huge range of topics including navigating the new abnormal in Washington, being unafraid to play the game, and how to leverage the press and social channels for your government relations efforts. Buckle up, it’s gonna be a fast talking roller coaster of wonky fun.

Speaking Truth to Power (and Actually Being Heard!)

  • Brian Jones – Partner, Black Rock Group
  • Tina Pelkey – Senior Vice President, Black Rock Group

William Carlos Williams was a poet, not a lobbyist, but he was on to something when he said: “It is not what you say that matters but the manner in which you say it; there lies the secret of the ages.” Well, we’re not sure about that secret to the ages part, but we guarantee that speaking “truth to power” is a whole lot easier and ultimately successful when you speak Power’s language. Learn how to – and how not to – make libraries’ best case when you “hit the Hill” on May 2nd after you get home.

Libraries Ready to Code

  • Marijke Visser – Associate Director, Office for Information Technology Policy
  • Other speakers TBD

Come to this program to learn about the great promise of coding in libraries. Programs in libraries bring opportunity to youth to learn about and develop skills not only in coding, but also in the broader computational thinking behind coding. For advocacy, the story of library-based coding programs positions libraries as key institutions to prepare youth to consider and pursue STEM and many other careers based on computing and tech.

Democracy dies in darkness: helping editorial boards shed light on issues facing your community

  • Molly Roberts – Digital Producer for Opinions, The Washington Post
  • Gina Millsap – Chief Executive Officer, Topeka & Shawnee County Public Library (KS)

The Washington Post’s new motto echoes a truth librarians live by: an informed citizenry is necessary for democracy to thrive. What does that mean for the collective opinion voice of a major news outlet? How can library professionals help shed light on community issues for editorial boards? Learn how editorial boards take positions and why librarians need to be at the discussion table.

Interested in taking part in National Library Legislative Day, but unable to come to D.C. yourself? Register to participate digitally, and sign up for our Thunderclap.

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