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Ten reasons to confirm Dr. Hayden for Librarian of Congress

Carla Hayden speaks at a podium
Photo Credit: Dave Munch/Baltimore Sun Media Group, via Associated Press

There are probably a hundred reasons why the Senate should immediately vote – and unanimously at that — to confirm Dr. Carla Hayden to serve as the next Librarian of Congress.  With the clock ticking down to zero this week on its pre-recess calendar, here are our top ten for the Senate to award her the job now:

  1.  She brought Baltimore’s large historic library system into the 21st Century and she’ll do the same for the Library of Congress.
  2.  The nation’s Library has been led by a library professional three times before in its history; its technology and organizational needs demand a fourth now.
  3.  The Senate Rules Committee approved her without dissent by voice vote.
  4.  Every state and major national library association in America strongly back her confirmation.
  5.  University of Chicago PhDs don’t come in cereal boxes.
  6.  Breathing new life into the Library of Congress demands Dr. Hayden’s deep understanding of technology, opportunity and community.
  7.  The world’s greatest library deserves to be led by one of Fortune Magazine’s 50 “World’s Greatest Leaders” for 2016.
  8.  Congress and the public it serves needs the best possible librarian as the Librarian.
  9.  It’s hard to find anything or anyone else that the Copyright Alliance and Internet Association agree on.
  10.  “Vacancy” is the sign you want to see on a motel marquee at the end of a long drive, not on the Librarian of Congress’ chair at the beginning of a new Congress.

Ask your Senators to confirm Dr. Carla Hayden today – visit the Action Center for additional talking points and pre-written tweets messages.

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