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ALA disappointed at White House budget cut to state grants to libraries

Cutting funds to libraries hinders services being delivered directly to people in their communities

Cherry Hill Public Library
Libraries directly deliver a wide range of services to Americans in their local communities throughout the nation. (Pictured here: Cherry Hill Public Library)

After reviewing President Obama’s Fiscal 2017 Budget released today, Sari Feldman, president of the American Library Association (ALA), issued the following statement:

We are truly disappointed that the President’s budget does not recognize the value libraries bring to our country. Every day America’s libraries create individual opportunity and community progress. It is ironic that the President has cut federal funds considering libraries are on the front lines directly serving all Americans without exception and that our work with individuals and communities advances our country in education, employment, and entrepreneurship. By cutting federal funds to libraries, the President’s budget is making it more difficult for libraries to do their job.

Feldman said cutting nearly a million dollars to grants to state library programs means: fewer children will benefit from reading and learning programs; fewer people will get the skills training they need to seek and sustain employment; fewer small businesses can research markets in order to grow; fewer Americans can search for health care resources and maintain health records; and fewer parents can investigate how to send their children to college and apply for financial aid.


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Nancy Gravatt

Nancy Gravatt is the former press officer of the Washington Office.


  1. These libraries are safe havens for many children to further their learning in an atmosphere of utopia that they would never find if the budget get cut from all libraries. President Obama does not have any clue what a library means to the poor, underprivileged, and abused children in America. It’s a safe, warm shelter from harm not just from the environment but from bullies, siblings or parents/foster parents. Taking away from the children today who are our future for tomorrow, think on how these kids will turn out and how will they be able to handle us when we get old and have to depend on them? What will they take away from us? What will they cut from the budget? Think President Obama cause KARMA IS A BITCH!

  2. Judy Doyle Judy Doyle

    Public libraries provide services to all members of a community without restriction. Circulation and programs at all public libraries is up. The funding for libraries should be INCREASED, not decreased. Public libraries provide Internet access, literacy support, safe haven and are the best democratic institution the is in the USA.

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