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ALA draws line in sand on USA FREEDOM amendments


Line in the sand imageThe United States Senate adjourned today with the stage set for votes Tuesday afternoon on at least three “hostile” amendments to the USA FREEDOM Act filed by Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY).  As explained in a letter by Washington Office Executive Director Emily Sheketoff that will be delivered to all Senators ahead of Tuesday’s votes, passage of any one such amendment would water down the USA FREEDOM Act so seriously as to cause ALA to reverse course and oppose the bill.

Now is the time for one last push by librarians everywhere to again call and email their Senators to deliver a simple message: 1) VOTE “NO” on any and every amendment that would weaken the USA FREEDOM Act; and 2) PASS the bill now without change so that the President can sign it without delay.

Please, visit ALA’s Legislative Action Center to send that urgent message now.

For detailed information on the pending amendments and why they’re utterly unacceptable, please see this analysis by our coalition compatriots at the Center for Democracy and Technology.  The ALA Washington Office’s “line in the sand” letter is available here: USAF Letter 060115.

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