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E-rate modernization process in the news

The FCC’s recent 3-2 vote to approve a reform order as part of its ongoing effort to modernize the E-rate program came in the midst of significant discussion and debate among policymakers and program stakeholders. Below are news articles that offer insight into the attitudes of Members of Congress and library and school advocates toward the reforms contained in the order.

Stakeholder responses to E-rate order

Before the vote

(6/20/2014) SETDA Applauds Momentum at FCC in Advancing E-Rate Modernization

(6/20/2014) Media Statement by ISTE CEO Brian Lewis in Response to FCC Chairman Wheeler’s Action on E-Rate

(6/20/2014) NEA President: FCC E-Rate proposal is bad public policy

(6/20/2014)Gov. Bob Wise (President, Alliance for Excellent Education) Comments on FCC Plan to Modernize E-Rate and Expand High-Speed Internet Access in Nation’s Schools and Libraries

After the vote

(7/11/2014) ALA welcomes forward movement on E-rate modernization

(7/11/2014) NEA supports E-Rate proposed changes that keep Internet connectivity intact

(7/11/2014) SETDA Comment on FCC Vote on E-Rate Modernization

(7/11/2014) NTCA Statements on E-Rate Modernization, Rural Broadband Experiments Rulemakings

(7/11/2014) New America Foundation Statement on FCC’s E-rate Order for School and Library Connectivity


(7/11/2014) Rep. Waxman Statement on FCC Proposal to Modernize E-Rate Program

(7/11/2014) CCSSO Applauds FCC Steps to Modernize E-Rate

Reactions to Wi-Fi formula

(7/11/2014) FCC passes controversial $5 billion Wi-Fi plan for schools and libraries

(7/10/2014) Statement of Commissioner Ajit Pai criticizing the E-rate order’s Wi-Fi formula

Hill reactions

(7/10/2014) Markey Challenges FCC on Modernizing Classroom Internet Access

(7/10) More From Lawmakers Ahead of Friday’s E-Rate Vote

(7/9/2014) The people who created E-Rate think the FCC’s going about it all wrong

(7/8/2014) Key Senate Dems push back on FCC’s Wi-Fi plan

(7/8/2014) FCC’s E-Rate Proposal Draws Questions from Rockefeller, Markey

Program funding issues

(7/10/2014) FCC’s Pai: E-Rate Proposal Would Slash Connectivity Funding

(7/9) FCC Chairman’s E-Rate Proposal Dogged by Funding Controversies

(7/7/2014) E-rate Survey: Funding Increase Deemed Critical

Reactions from Ed. Community

(7/9/2014) Will the FCC ignore educators in modernizing key U.S. technology program?

(7/8) FCC Prepares to Vote on E-Rate Overhaul

(7/6/2014) Teachers threaten to derail Wi-Fi push (ALA’s Marijke Visser also quoted)

(6/24/2014) Teachers Give Failing Grade to Obama’s Push for Tech in Schools

(6/23/2014) FCC E-Rate Reform Proposal Criticized By School Advocacy Groups And Unions

(6/20/2014) Proposed E-Rate Reforms Raise Concerns, Uncertainty

(6/20/2014) FCC E-Rate Reforms Don’t Rate With Education Groups

(6/20/2014) Education community coalition letter expressing concern over the E-rate order’s Priority 2 (Wi-Fi) reforms

ALA/library press

(7/10/2014) What libraries need from key US technology program (op-ed by ALA Washington Office executive director Emily Sheketoff)

(7/6/2014) Fed WiFi funding plan irks libraries (ALA’s Marijke Visser quoted)

(7/3/2014) Urban libraries say they’re getting shortchanged in a battle for WiFi funding (ALA’s Marijke Visser quoted)

(7/3/2014) FCC’s E-Rate proposal aims to close the Wi-Fi gap in US schools and libraries (ALA’s Marijke Visser quoted)

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Charlie Wapner

Charlie Wapner is an information policy analyst for the Washington Office.

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