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Civil Liberties Push Moves Forward with National Rally

EFFThis summer, the American Library Association took a stand to protect civil liberties by joining Stop Watching Us, a political coalition comprised of more than 100 public advocacy organizations and companies.

Next month, the coalition–which includes the Electronic Frontier Foundation, the American Civil Liberties Union, Mozilla, and the National Libertarian Party, among others–will host a rally to protest unconstitutional surveillance. The Electronic Frontier will host a day of grassroots training and citizen lobbying on October 25th and a historic rally and petition delivery on October 26th.

The rally will feature live music and privacy expert speakers. Privacy advocates will have the opportunity to be part of the official delivery of the Stop Watching Us petition to Congress–a petition in which over a half million people have called for an end to mass, suspicion-less surveillance.

Friday, October 25th: Training and lobby day

If you are coming from out of town, you should plan to arrive in D.C. on Thursday night so you can join the trainings on Friday morning. EFF is working with our friends Public Knowledge and other members of the coalition to host a lobby day in D.C. on NSA surveillance. On Friday morning, we’ll give you an overview of NSA surveillance, including talking points and handouts, and prepare you to meet with staffers. Then advocates will meet with key Hill staffers and elected officials to explain your concerns about NSA surveillance.

In-person meetings are the most effective way for an individual to influence Congress on an issue (except maybe giving them a lot of money). Even if you’ve never considered lobbying on an issue, this is a not-to-be-missed opportunity to change America’s stance on surveillance.

Saturday, October 26th: Rally against mass surveillance

The Stop Watching Us coalition is hosting a historic rally in Washington D.C on Saturday October 26th — the 12th anniversary of the signing of the Patriot Act. YACHT, the indie pop duo that’s sweeping the nation with its new song, “Party at the NSA.”

Hundreds of thousands of people have spoken out since the major NSA leaks began this June. Dozens of members of Congress have introduced bills aimed at reining in the NSA, and hundreds of organizations and companies are uniting to end the NSA’s unconstitutional surveillance.

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Jazzy Wright

Jazzy Wright is a former press officer of the Washington Office.

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