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“Advocacy Recycling”: Leverage existing events and resources for lasting advocacy impact

Between reading programs, hosting community meetings and classes, assisting students in summer school, and everything in between, summer is a great time for all types of libraries to shine. As we all know, when decision makers don’t understand what a library does and how it benefits your community or school, they might feel tempted to cut funds or other methods of support.  Now is the time to leverage your existing resources, calendar and events to show (not just tell) how valuable you are to the people a decision maker represents.

In this library advocacy session, we look at 10 quick and easy ways to use something you’re already doing to impact the policy arena.  Think of it as “advocacy recycling.”  If you’ve wanted to help make a difference but were never sure you had the time, watch this session for some practical tips, techniques and case studies from the library world.

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Ted Wegner is a former member of the Washington Office government relations team.

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