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A couple of changes in OITP programs

As OITP became the focal point for ALA’s digital content activities, the scale and scope of our work increased significantly. Accordingly, in the past 18 months, responsibilities in the office have shifted. One change is that my efforts in our Program on America’s Libraries for the 21st Century (AL21C) have declined markedly, with Larra Clark taking on overall responsibility. Thus, I am formally relinquishing the role and title of program director for AL21C and transferring it to Larra.

Another change is not attributable to the focus on digital content, but rather a natural consequence of Marijke Visser’s evolution in becoming our primary E-rate staffer. She is now widely recognized within the Washington policy community as a player on E-rate matters, whether in the Federal Communications Commission, the U.S. Department of Commerce, or in national advocacy groups and coalitions. As E-rate is a component of our Program on Networks, I am designating Marijke as associate director for the Program on Networks.

Please join me in congratulating Marijke and Larra in this overdue recognition of their professional responsibilities and contributions to OITP and ALA. As we work through the organizational implications of the new initiative “Policy Revolution!” other changes will likely be necessary in the coming months and into 2014.

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Alan Inouye

Alan S. Inouye is the director of ALA's Office for Information Technology Policy. Previously, he was the coordinator of the President's Information Technology Advisory Committee in the Executive Office of the President and a study director at the National Academy of Sciences. Alan completed his Ph.D. at the University of California at Berkeley.

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