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What Are the Best Ways that Libraries Can Help Immigrants?

How do library workers provide information services to immigrants and still stay within state laws that place limits on such activities? Next month, the American Library Association (ALA) will address immigration issues librarians face when they host free the webinar titled “Taking Action: Best Practices to Support Librarians and Library Workers Facing Laws Limiting Access to Information and Library Services to Immigrants.”

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The webinar–which will be hosted by REFORMA, the ALA Washington Office, the ALA Office for Diversity–will take place on May 14, 2013, from 3:00—4:00 p.m. EST. The event is cosponsored by the ALA Office for Library Advocacy.

As part of the webinar, participants will hear recommendations from REFORMA members who supported immigrants despite difficult situations. REFORMA members will share resources that will help librarians advocate for services for immigrants and multi-ethnic populations.

Participants can expect to hear strategies and recommendations from the ALA Office for Diversity. Additionally, the ALA Washington Office will discuss ways to effectively communicate with elected officials and government agencies. Finally, the ALA Office for Library Advocacy will present successful examples from libraries in the USA, grassroots efforts, strategies and recommendations.

Webinar speakers will include:

  • Loida Garcia-Febo, chair, REFORMA Legislative Committee
  • Marci Merola, director of the American Library Association Office for Library Advocacy
  • Patricia Montiel Overall, associate professor at the Mexican American Studies Department of the University of Arizona
  • Emily Sheketoff, executive director of the American Library Association Washington Office

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Jazzy Wright

Jazzy Wright was a press officer of the American Library Association's Washington Office.

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