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ALA, Ebooks & Digital Content: What’s Next?

ALA, Ebooks, and Digital Content: What’s Next?ALA Annual Conference, June 29, 2013, Saturday, 1:00 — 2:30 p.m., Convention Center S502: Come to learn about ALA ebook activities and plans from the leadership of ALA’s Digital Content Working Group (DCWG). A distinguished panel will then provide views on libraries as publishers and stewards of America’s digital cultural heritage, and how ALA can best advocate for these important library interests.

  • Sari Feldman, Cuyahoga County (Ohio) Public Library and DCWG Co-chair, “DCWG: Recent and Current Activities”
  • Alan S. Inouye, ALA Office for Information Technology Policy, “DCWG: Future Directions”
  • Robert Wolven, Columbia University and DCWG Co-chair, Moderator of the Panel “Beyond Access: Publishing and Preserving Digital Content by Libraries”
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Alan Inouye

Alan S. Inouye is the director of ALA's Office for Information Technology Policy. Previously, he was the coordinator of the President's Information Technology Advisory Committee in the Executive Office of the President and a study director at the National Academy of Sciences. Alan completed his Ph.D. at the University of California at Berkeley.

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