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Support library funding: Call your U.S. Rep. today

Update: Deadline has passed, thanks for calling.

Appropriations season is heating up in Washington, DC and library funding is on the table. Please call your U.S. Representative by April 16 and ask that they sign a “Dear Colleague” letter in support of funding for the Library Services and Technology Act (LSTA).LSTA is crucial for libraries because:

  • LSTA is the primary source of funding for libraries in the federal budget
  • LSTA helps many public libraries provide services to users that include, but are not limited to: job searches, résumé building help, digital literacy workshops, access to e-government services, etc.

To sign the LSTA letter, your Representative can contact the office of Rep. Raul Grijalva (D-AZ).

Please use our calling tool to make the call today. Upon entering your information you will

  • receive a call,
  • hear talking points,
  • and be directly connected to the DC office of your U.S. Representative.
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Ted Wegner is a former member of the Washington Office government relations team.


  1. I am the director of a small public library. We could not afford the technology we offer our patrons if it had not been for LSTA grants. We rely on these grants to help out our budget. Our budget has been cut and we are trying to keep up with expensive ever-changing technology. Thanks to LSTA grants in the past 15 years, our library has been able to keep up with technology and offer our patrons the best even though we are a small library. We do not have the tax base larger libraries rely on- most of our funding comes from property taxes and with the economy failing we have lost a lot of our funding due to foreclosures etc. Please, please don’t take away LSTA grant funds. I would be happy to give you the details and number of grants we have received for technology through LSTA. You can contact me at

  2. TWegner TWegner

    Thanks Karen, we appreciate you speaking up about LSTA because we know how valuable it is, especially for small libraries. And thanks for the contact info as well.

  3. LSTA funding is crucial for Iowa Libraries. Decorah Public Library currently distributes to over 160 libraries in the state of Iowa much needed large print matter for blind and handicapped. Without LSTA funding small rural library citizens would not be able to enjoy the vast collection of books in large print. Please continue to support these programs with LSTA dollars.

  4. TWegner TWegner

    Thanks Lorraine! It’s so important that Members of Congress hear messages like that.

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