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Find Out Who Supports Library Legislation

2012 Scorecard

To prepare for National Library Advocacy Day–the annual day when hundreds of librarians and library supporters will converge in D.C. to protect library funding–the American Library Association released the 2012 ALA Legislative Scorecards. National Library Advocacy Day participants can use the scorecards to hold their elected representatives accountable.

View the scorecards now:

–    2012 Legislative Scorecard — House (PDF)
–    2012 Legislative Scorecard — Senate (PDF)

To help prepare for your advocacy efforts, we’ve created the 2012 ALA scorecards. Use them to answer these and other questions:

  1. Did your representative support libraries in the Senate or the House?
  2. Did your senator co-sponsor a bill that would help libraries?
  3. Did your representative sign onto a key letter requesting support for libraries?

Refer to these scorecards to hold your elected representatives accountable. If they didn’t cosponsor critical library legislation, ask them why. If they did, be sure to thank them and show your appreciation for their support of libraries.

View archived Legislative Scorecards

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Jazzy Wright

Jazzy Wright is a former press officer of the Washington Office.

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