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E-Government Webinar Video Now Available

Webinar video from the ALA webinar “Libraries & E-government” is now available. The online seminar focuses on helping public libraries provide their patrons with government services.

As part of the webinar, participants will learn:

  • How to use, an easy-to-use web tool that helps libraries serve the e-government needs of their communities.
  • How to use the virtual Ask A Librarian feature through Government Information Online service.
  • More about online resources available from government agencies and non-governmental organizations that deal with issues, such as immigration and taxation.

For the next few weeks, the American Library Association will provide online e-government and immigrant services seminars to library staff at no charge. The next webinar, titled “Taking Action: Legal Barriers to Library Services to Immigrants & Access to Information,” will take place May 1, 2013 (register now). Additionally, REFORMA, the ALA Washington Office and the ALA Office for Library Advocacy will host a free webinar on May 14, 2013 (more details to come later).

Learn more about how your library can support immigrants, visit

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Jessica McGilvray

Jessica McGilvray is a former member of the Washington Office government relations team.

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  1. E E

    Why does the screen image remain static, stuck on the “Intro” slide? Is there any way to get any other slides the presenters used?

  2. If there’s a video embedded on the page, I can’t see it at work. Nor can we use YouTube at work — PCs are blocked from YouTube. Can you post a URL instead of embedding video, to view it somewhere other than YouTube? Thanks,

  3. There is a video embedded, which definitely explains why you can’t see it. Alternately, you can find the video at this url: – but this is a raw archive with no edits, so the actual webinar doesn’t start until about a minute into that video (as of now).

  4. Thanks Jacob.. I am able to view that video now from my PC. From Adobeconnect site.. many thanks!

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