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Copyright Workshop Tailored to School Librarians

To help school librarians and educators better understand copyright law, author Carrie Russell will host the workshop “Copyright for K-12 Librarians and Educators” on April 11, 2013. Russell is also the director of the American Library Association’s Program on Public Access to Information. Register now

In the workshop, Russell will discuss her newly released book Copyright for K-12 Librarians and Educators and offer guidance on ways to legally provide materials to students by exploring common scenarios encountered by school educators and librarians. Registration for this ALA Editions Workshop is available on the ALA Store (registration is available at both the individual and group rates).

With 15 years’ experience as a practicing librarian, Russell is a frequent speaker at state, regional, and national library conferences about the intricacies of copyright law. She is also the author of numerous articles on copyright and information policy that have appeared in such journals as Library Trends, Library Issues, Public Libraries and Library Journal.

WHAT:     The American Library Association will host the online workshop
Complete Copyright for K—12 Librarians and Educators” for educators and school librarians.

WHEN:    April 11, 2013, from 2:30-4:00p.m. EST.

WHO:    Carrie Russell, author of Complete Copyright for K—12 Librarians and Educators and director of ALA’s Program on Public Access to Information

Registration is open now

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