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Penguin revisits library pilot terms

From the E-Content blog:

Penguin Group USA revealed today that it will remove the six-month embargo on ebook titles licensed to libraries and instead offer new titles immediately after they are released in the consumer market. Other pilot terms are expected to continue, including a one-year expiration date on ebooks licensed to libraries and library pricing similar to what is offered to individual consumers.

As the digital publishing world continues to evolve, we can expect more business models and variation will be developed and tweaked. In fact, identifying and describing these various models and terms has been a key project of ALA’s Digital Content & Libraries Working Group (DCWG). As outlined in the DCWG’s report “Ebook Business Models for Public Libraries,” libraries benefit from business models that include access to all ebook titles, enduring rights and metadata integration capabilities (see also the recently-released DCWG “Business Model Scorecard” report on ebook contract variables for libraries). We hope that more publishers will consider ebook business models that license ebooks to libraries on reasonable terms at fair prices.

ALA will continue to work with publishers in the future to explore win-win business solutions. In April, ALA President Maureen Sullivan will lead a library delegation to meet with Penguin and other publishers in New York City to discuss ways to make ebook titles more accessible for libraries.

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