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Political Strategist Jennifer Duffy to Address Librarians at ALA Midwinter Meeting

Jennifer Duffy

How are libraries going to be affected by the newly elected class of politicians? In what ways will the recent presidential and congressional elections impact library policies and legislation? Jennifer Duffy, senior editor of The Cook Political Report, will detail the new political landscape at the ALA Washington Office Update session at the 2013 ALA Midwinter Meeting in Seattle on Saturday, January 26, 2013. Duffy will address library activists during the morning session from 8:30—10:00a.m.

Duffy, who has accumulated more than 25 years of political campaign experience, is responsible for U.S. Senate and governor elections as the senior editor of the Cook Report. To help meeting attendees learn about library advocacy and the current political landscape, Duffy will discuss key characteristics about the new Congress, as well as help library supporters communicate in ways that resonate with legislators and other decision makers.

“Duffy will speak about the interests of political figures who have been recently elected to office, and the way that their agendas will impact our nation’s libraries,” said Emily Sheketoff, executive director of the American Library Association’s Washington Office. “The information that Duffy provides will be crucial to ensuring that library advocates communicate their issues to the new Congress in effective ways.”

In addition to her political experience, Duffy has an extensive background in political communication and grassroots advocacy work. After serving as the press secretary of the National Republican Senatorial Committee, Duffy joined the Cook Report as an assistant editor in 1988. While continuing to work at the Cook Report‘s, Duffy took on positions at prestigious public relations and lobbying firms. She later served as an off-air analyst for NBC News on Election Nights from 1996 through 2008. Over the years, Duffy has served as a political expert on many outlets, including ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, PBS, and CSPAN.

Library supporters are encouraged to attend the event to ask questions and discuss the latest issues as Congress enters the Presidential and Congressional elections. Additionally, ALA Washington Office staff will provide updates on a broad range of issues and announce the winners of the Madison, Oakley and Ray Patterson Awards.

Learn more about the 2013 ALA Midwinter Meeting.

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Jazzy Wright

Jazzy Wright is a former press officer of the Washington Office.

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