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Task force seeks comments on digital literacy draft report

Today, one group of literacy experts is asking library professionals to help them answer the question: what does “digital literacy” look like in a library context? The Digital Literacy Task Force — a group spearheaded by the American Library Association’s Office for Information Technology Policy — is now seeking comments on the preliminary report “Digital Literacy, Libraries, and Public Policy.” The document  seeks to provide a broad overview of libraries and digital literacy and discusses the current policy context, including digital inclusion, education and lifelong learning, and workforce development.

The Task Force (pdf) is made up of literacy experts from school, public, and higher-education libraries and represents a wide range of ALA units.  The Task Force addresses issues and questions related to digital literacy and national policy conversations. The report will serve as a launching point for the development of a set of recommendations to the Association and the broader library community to continue and expand libraries’ engagement and leadership to effect meaningful and sustainable change in our communities. The Task Force will develop these recommendations as a companion piece to this report.

The public comment period is open from September 18, 2012 — October 19, 2012. Commenters are asked to focus their feedback on substantive issues and the task force specifically asks representatives of each library type to consider how their library is portrayed.

Please send questions about the report to

Marijke Visser
Assistant Director
ALA Office for Information Technology Policy

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Marijke Visser

Marijke Visser is the associate director and senior policy advocate at the American Library Association’s Washington Office. She is involved in all stages of Libraries Ready to Code, E-rate, and Connect Home projects. She earned her bachelor’s degree in Peace and Global Studies/Sociology and Anthropology from Earlham College in Indiana. Before joining the ALA in 2009, Marijke earned her master’s in Library and Information Science from Indiana University-Purdue University, Indianapolis.

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