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Quick Update on Continuing Resolution

Congress recently passed a six-month continuing resolution (CR)–a spending bill required to avoid a government shutdown–that will fund the federal government through March 27, 2013. The CR is awaiting signature by the President, but he is expected to sign it before October 1.  The action of a CR became necessary (as it does in most years) since none of the 2013 fiscal year appropriations bills have been cleared by the Senate before the end of the FY 2012 on September 30. The CR package is funded at the $1.047 trillion level, an amount agreed to for the 2013 fiscal year in the Budget Control Act.  The level is a $4 billion increase over the 2012 fiscal year enacted level of $1.043 trillion, which means that all federal discretionary programs will receive a small 0.612 percent increase. Unfortunately, since many library grants are funded after the March end-date of this CR, it is unclear whether how significantly this will impact libraries.

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Jeffrey Kratz

Jeffrey Kratz is a former member of the Washington Office government relations team.

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