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Ask your senators to support privacy amendments in cybersecurity bill

UPDATE, 8/2/2012: This morning the U.S. Senate took a cloture vote to end debate on S.3414, the Cybersecurity Act of 2012. The vote was recorded as 52-46 meaning there was not the 60 votes necessary to advance the bill. This vote signals that the bill will likely not be taken up this year.

Thank you to all those who contacted your senators on this important issue. The fight to protect privacy is far from over though. Sign up for text alerts from the Washington Office to receive the most up to date information on advocacy alerts and events.

Check back right here on District Dispatch in the coming days for more analysis on this vote.

Call today

This week the Senate is considering major cybersecurity legislation, S. 3414 that could let the government collect your sensitive and personal internet records. The bill is in flux and subject to change during floor debate with “good” and “bad” amendments. Your calls can make the difference. It is imperative that you call your senators now.


  • Vote YES on privacy amendments like the Franken-Paul amendment so that companies do not have  the overbroad authority to monitor and even block our private communications, and,
  • Vote NO on anti-privacy amendments like the McCain and Hutchison amendments that would allow the NSA and military to directly collect and use Americans’ personal internet information.

Again, Vote YES on Franken-Paul and NO on antiprivacy amendments. Thank you!

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Ted Wegner is a former member of the Washington Office government relations team.


  1. bob bob

    The widget seems to be broken. I enter my phone number, but I get sent to an error message that says the phone number field can’t be blank.

    Also, when commenting I’m asked twice, ” Notify me of follow-up comments by email.”

  2. Hi, Bob

    We’re aware of the problem. It seems to be an issue with Mobile Commons, which runs our messaging service. We are in contact with them and looking to resolve the issue as soon as possible.

  3. bob bob

    note for me =\

  4. Truly sorry to hear that. Are you still receiving the same error message?

  5. bob bob

    now its working. done! 😉

  6. I would much prefer to have the phone numbers provided to me in text after entering my zip, and be able to read the talking points in text. It would be helpful if this was an option.

  7. Ian Wright Ian Wright

    I just did it the old fashioned way and looked up the numbers myself. Neither Cardin nor Mikulski has taken a position, though Mikulski’s aid said that it’s due to come up for debate in the next hour.

  8. lj_68 lj_68

    I didn’t call but I sent email with the above information. Some of us have issues with calling people 😉

  9. jennifer t. schultz jennifer t. schultz

    I called both of senators gillibrand and chuck schumer. both of them are in support of franken-paul amendment to protect our privacy.

  10. Please don’t sell out all Americans’ constitutional rights. Vote YES on privacy ammendments like the Franken-Paul amendment., and NO on anti-privacy amendments like the McCain and Hutchison amendments.
    Real Americans would never even consider these anti-American proposals to strip away the last remnants of Freedom.

  11. Allan Richardson Allan Richardson

    I called both our right wing GOP senators, Isakson and Chambliss, and emphasized the bipartisan nature of the Franken-Paul amendment. Both politely took my opinion and indicated they have been getting calls about several amendments to this bill. Also, one amendment Boner has talked about adding has nothing to do with cybersecurity: to commemorate the women’s healthcare phase of the ACA taking effect today, the GOP extremists will try to tack on a strict anti-abortion law for DC residents as an amendment to the House version of this bill.

  12. George George

    We live like a slaves or die free,this is my message mr.senators.

  13. Sherry Mabry Sherry Mabry

    Please vote “Yes” on the Franken – Paul Amendment
    “No” on the McCain & Hutchison Amendment.

    Thank you for your time.

  14. Concerned Citizen Concerned Citizen

    Emailed, Phoned and Tweeted to Sen. Bill Nelson and Sen. Marco Rubio.

  15. D.R. Muniz D.R. Muniz

    CISPA-type anti-law makes all American families guv-corporate victims without recourse, yes, yours too, Senators McCain, Hudchinson. So legislate freedom for Americans, not sclerotic McCarthyism the rest of the world will surely despise and vote puppet facilitators out of office asap.

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