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U.S. Department of Health and Human Services and IMLS Recognize Libraries’ Role in Early Learning

Yvette Sanchez Fuentes, Director for the Office of Head Start
Yvette Sanchez Fuentes, Director for the Office of Head Start

On April 24, 2012 during National Library Legislative Day, Susan Hildreth, Institute of Museum and Library Services (IMLS) director, and Yvette Sanchez Fuentes, director of the Office of Head Start, met at the Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial Library in Washington, D.C. to sign an Information Memorandum between the two federal agencies. Yesterday, the agreement between the three offices became official with the issuance of an “Information Memorandum,” the Administration for Children and Families’  instrument for formal communication with the agencies it funds. This Information Memorandum creates a natural partnership and encourages the collaborations efforts between federally funded early child care programs and public libraries throughout the country.

The Information Memorandum signed by Ms. Sanchez Fuentes and Ms. Hildreth states

Public libraries provide centers for learning in nearly every community in the United States, and it is important for children and families to learn about and recognize public libraries as a valuable resource. Libraries offer rich learning environments for children and their families and caregivers.

This memorandum will allow for greater early learning opportunities for all young students and their families in their local community library.

Jeffrey P. Kratz
Assistant Director, Office of Government Relations, ALA Washington Office

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Jeffrey Kratz

Jeffrey Kratz is a former member of the Washington Office government relations team.

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