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Digital Literacy Task Force members guest blog for National Coalition for Literacy

OITP’s Digital Literacy Task Force is writing a short series of blog posts for the National Coalition for Literacy’s blog. The series on digital literacy will run through August 12. The first post of the series, “Digital Literacy: an opportunity for inclusion or a barrier to access?” was written by Dale Lipschultz, literacy officer in ALA’s Office for Literacy and Outreach Services. She describes the challenges adult learners have to going online, noting that as “librarians, educators, advocates, and policy makers we must ensure that foundational literacy is included in every definition of digital literacy and advocate for literacy services”•foundational and digital”•for all.” Read her full post here.

Larra Clark and Marijke Visser, OITP staff liaisons to the Task Force, will write about ALA’s emerging role in the digital literacy landscape.  Task Force members Bobbi Newman and Beth Friese will also contribute guest posts looking at the lifespan of literacy — including digital literacy and transliteracy as an emerging issue for librarians.

Be sure to follow the series and learn more about the role of the library in shaping the evolving discussions about access to information and digital literacy.

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