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Deadline to sign library funding letter extended to tomorrow, keep the calls going to the Senate!

Currently, 21 senators have signed the “Dear Colleague” letter supporting library funding.  Fortunately, the deadline for signing was extended to Friday, June 10.

Please continue to call your senators at (202) 224-3121 for one final push to get both of your senators to sign this letter.  After they agree to sign on, please tell them to contact Elyse Wasch in Senator Reed’s office if they are Democrats or Matthew Hussey in Senator Snowe’s office if they are Republicans.

Thank you to everyone who has already called their senators, but your help is still needed.

Below is a list of the senators who have already signed the letter.  If you do not see your senators’ names on this list, please call them immediately and encourage them to sign this letter. Tell your senators about some of the wonderful programs your public or school library provides in your state.  Explain to them that libraries took major cuts in FY 2011 — not only on the federal level but also on the state and local levels.  Without increased FY 2012 funding, libraries will be unable to continue to provide communities with essential services.

Reed — RI
Snowe — ME
Levin — MI
Rockefeller — WV
Leahy — VT
Udall, Tom — NM
Schumer — NY
Boxer — CA
Akaka — HI
Whitehouse — RI
Gillibrand — NY
Johnson, Tim — SD
Shaheen — NH
Sanders — VT
Lautenberg — NJ
Mikulski — MD
Kerry — MA
Cardin — MD
Kohl — WI
Menendez — NJ
Durbin – IL

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