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Advocacy urgently needed as PATRIOT Act reauthorization bill moves toward final vote in Senate

Yesterday, the Senate held a procedural vote (referred to as a cloture vote) on the PATRIOT Sunsets Extension Act of 2011 (S. 1038). The measure passed by a vote of 74-8, which ended the debate on the bill to allow for a final vote before three provisions sunset on Friday, May 27.

These three sections include business records (aka “library records”), roving wire taps, and lone wolf.

Some senators have introduced amendments before the final vote. The ALA has endorsed an amendment introduced by Sen. Rand Paul (KY).

However, it is uncertain at this point whether amendments will be considered. The ALA urges advocates to contact their senators and ask them to oppose S.1038, if unamended.

Please go to the ALA’s Legislative Action Center to find messaging and contact information for your senator.

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  1. Larry Romans Larry Romans

    Can you explain these more in this dispatch or an updated one?

    business records (aka “library records”), roving wire taps, and lone wolf

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