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A Big Thank You (and Congratulations!) to Dottie Hiebing

Congratulations to Dottie Hiebing on her retirement from her position as the Executive Director of the Metropolitan New York Library Council (METRO).  We at OITP and throughout the library community will miss her dearly. 

I first arrived at ALA in the summer of 2007, coming from a different career focused on information technology research & development.  Dottie Hiebing, who became chair of OITP’s Advisory Committee at the same time, was one of the first ALA member-leaders that I met on the job.  Sometimes one is just lucky as I was in 2007 when I drew Dottie as my first chair.  Her straightforward, no-nonsense approach was a perfect match in our shared goal of getting things done.  Because of her extensive accomplishments within ALA and in the library community generally, she further strengthened OITP’s credibility.  And her executive experience brought practical benefits such as running effective meetings and encouraging participation from all members of the committee. 

Several of Dottie’s OITP colleagues also have fond and respectful recollections. 

Vivian Pisano, a former Chair of OITP’s Advisory Committee comments:
Dottie Hiebing’s expert leadership as OITP Advisory Committee Chair and active participation in the Committee’s activities throughout her membership terms inspired and awed me.  I aspired to follow her example during my tenure as chair, and she was always ready to help and advise me.  I congratulate Dottie on her retirement and join colleagues throughout ALA in gratitude for her many contributions to the profession.

Christine Lind Hage, Chair of OITP’s Subcommittee on America’s Libraries for the 21st Century, notes that “As a director of a multi-type library organization Dottie brought a unique expertise to OITP.  Her leadership skills, passion for libraries and public service, serve as a model for many librarians.” 

Dottie contributed experiences and perspectives from varied parts of ALA as Linda Crowe, former OITP Advisory Committee Chair, observes:
Dottie was active in both the Association for Specialized and Cooperative Library Agencies (ASCLA) because of her work in state libraries and consortia, and the Library Leadership and Management Association (LLAMA) because of her interest and leadership in providing outstanding staff development and training for staff in her member libraries.  I may have convinced her that OITP was the kind of committee that would afford her the experience where she could use her considerable intellect and organizing skills and where she would work with interesting people.  She was an OITP leader and champion.

The first Chair of OITP’s Advisory Committee, Nancy Bolt, first met Dottie almost 20 years ago when Dottie was a regional librarian in New Jersey:
Dottie gave me one of my first library consulting jobs.   I have always admired her dedication in the role of a regional librarian.   She has been a leader in helping member libraries to improve, face and accept change, and work together to better serve their users.  From New Jersey she went to New York to again play this leadership role.  She is a respected leader in New Jersey, New York, and at the national level in ALA.  The profession will miss her in her retirement.

We all wish Dottie the best in her future endeavors. 

Alan Inouye
Director, Office for Information Technology Policy (OITP)

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