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United States Unified Community Anchor Network taps OITP Fellow Bob Bocher for new task force

Bob Bocher, Technology Consultant for the Wisconsin State Library and ALA/OITP Fellow, will serve on a new task force under the United States Unified Community Anchor Network (U.S. UCAN). U.S.UCAN is a Broadband Technology Opportunities Project (BTOP) project dedicated to connecting community anchor institutions (CAIs), including public libraries, schools, community colleges, research parks, public safety, and healthcare institutions with advanced broadband capabilities.

On Friday, U.S.UCAN announced the membership of the Task Force on Community Anchor Network Economic Models. This blue ribbon task force is charged with developing economic and business models that address the programmatic, operational, and financial challenges involved in implementing and sustaining a national network of community anchor institutions (CAIs).  Bocher will serve as the library representative.

The task force is comprised of representatives from the CAI sectors and regional and state research and education networks.  Bocher will bring his 30 years of expertise on library networks to the task force.  ALA’s Office for Information Technology Policy (OITP) will assist Bocher’s work on the task force and will continue to work with U.S. UCAN on several other projects.

“OITP looks forward to working on the task force and hopes that the broadband economic model(s) developed will help libraries in obtaining and sustaining adequate broadband connectivity,” Bocher said.

OITP supports the U.S.UCAN project as one of many options libraries have for their broadband needs.  OITP will continue to work with U.S.UCAN to help ensure that libraries are appropriately included as the project develops.

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