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Congratulations to Vivian Pisano on her retirement

Vivian Pisano, Chair of the OITP Advisory Committee in 2009-2010, retires today as Chief of Information Technology at the San Francisco Public Library.  OITP, just as the other entities in ALA, depend on dedicated, knowledgeable members such as Vivian to accomplish its work.  

“Pleasure” seems to be the watchword in describing relationships with Vivian. 

Committee member Pat Ball remarked on “what a pleasure it has been to work with Vivian in several committees.”  

Dottie Hiebing, a former Chair of the OITP Advisory Committee, echoed Ball’s’ sentiment. 

“It has been such a pleasure to work with Vivian on the OITP Advisory Committee!” Hiebing said. 

“Vivian provided smart leadership to the Advisory Committee as well as the America’s Libraries for the 21st Century Subcommittee.  Her insight, gentle touch, and strong understanding of the issues will be missed.  Good wishes to you, Vivian, for an active, purposeful retirement!” 

I had the pleasure (why dismiss a great word!) of working with Vivian in many capacities.  In addition to the roles described above, Vivian also served as Chair of OITP’s Telecommunications Subcommittee and continues her service as Co-chair of the President’s Task Force on Traditional Cultural Expressions.  

Former OITP staffer Carrie McGuire remarked that she appreciated how Vivian embraced change and is genuinely excited about future directions for libraries. 

“For that reason I thought she was a perfect leader for OITP as the office transitioned into a more future-focused policy shop,” McGuire said. 

Emily Sheketoff, director of the ALA Washington Office, said Vivian’s dedication made her an invaluable part of OITP’s work over the years. 

“I am grateful for her serious attention to our issues and the commitment she has shown to assisting OITP in their efforts to keep librarians informed on technology and how it can help them deliver better library services,” Sheketoff said. 

I appreciate her contributions both in terms of process and substance.  Invariably, Vivian is well-organized, on time, and can keep a meeting on point and on time while ensuring that all participants are heard.  When it comes to providing substantive comments on draft reports or making insightful observations in meetings, I know that Vivian can be relied upon to make a key contribution.  

Vivian, all of us at OITP wish you the very best in your future endeavors! 

Alan Inouye
Director, Office for Information Technology Policy (OITP)

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