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Tell Congress to strengthen Whistleblower Protection Act as session nears end

As the Government Accountability Project points out:

We are nearing the end of a decade long campaign to strengthen the Whistleblower Protection Act. With less than 80 working days before Congress adjourns, we need your voice to ensure passage of the Whistleblower Protection Enhancement Act (S. 372, H.R. 1507).

Over the past several months we have overcome opposition and now we are closer than ever to real reform. However, we risk having to start over next Congress if final passage of this bill isn’t made a political imperative. And in the meantime, countless whistleblowers continue to be the target of retaliation, without having any credible rights to defend themselves with.

All of the cards are stacked in our favor, but time is running out! Congress needs to hear from you — the whistleblowers and public at large that this reform is intended to protect.

 Please visit the LAC to contact your representatives and senators to express the importance of this issue!

Jessica McGilvray
Assistant Director

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