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ALA’s Office for Information Technology Policy brief explores effect of mobile devices on library services

Contact: Jenni Terry
Press Officer
ALA Washington Office
(202) 628-8410

For Immediate Release
June 16, 2010

WASHINGTON, D.C. — “There’s an App for That! Libraries and Mobile Technology: An Introduction to Public Policy Considerations,” released today by the American Library Association (ALA) Office for Information Technology Policy (OITP), takes a look at how the adoption of mobile technology alters the traditional relationships between libraries and their users.

The policy brief, authored by OITP consultant Timothy Vollmer, explores the challenges to reader privacy, issues of access to information in the digital age (including content ownership and licensing), digital rights management, and accessibility.

Despite these challenges, Vollmer said libraries are embracing the growing capabilities of mobile technology and providing new, innovative services that extend the way libraries serve their existing patrons.

“Libraries can reach out to other potential users who’ve never stepped into a physical library building, and who never may,” Vollmer said.

Dr. Alan Inouye, director of OITP, said mobile technology will be a strategic area of libraries for the foreseeable future.

“The widespread use of mobile technology accelerates and highlights the need for an agreement — a compromise — between the library and publishing communities over accessing digital content,” Inouye said.

The policy brief is available here.

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