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ALA urges inclusion of school libraries as House begins work on ESEA reauthorization

The ALA today filed comments to the House Education and Labor Committee, calling on the committee to include school librarians in the reauthorization of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act. As the committee moves forward on this important legislation, the ALA will continue to aggressively lobby for the inclusion of school librarians in order to ensure that each school library — the technologically modern classroom in today’s schools — is managed by a state-licensed school librarian.

Specifically, the ALA is asking the committee to:

  1. Maintain dedicated funding for the Improving Literacy Through School Libraries program.
  2. Include provisions under Title I state and local plans and the Race to the Top Fund to establish a state goal of having a school library staffed by a state-licensed school librarian in each public school.
  3. Allow state and local professional development funds to be used for recruiting and training school librarians.

The full text of the ALA’s letter can be read here.

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