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OITP Presents at 2009 LITA National Forum

This past weekend, OITP participated at the 2009 LITA National Forum in Salt Lake City. OITP talked about some of the policy considerations in libraries adopting mobile devices and services, such as digital copyright and content licensing, digital rights management, user privacy, and accessibility. Timothy Vollmer, Assistant Director of OITP’s Program on Public Access to Information, said in his remarks:

In order for libraries to realize the true potential that mobile technologies can provide, we need to smartly address questions of policy, law, and society. But in the end, our rigorous analysis and community-wide conversation will not dampen library innovation and experimentation. Instead, it will provide a useful framework through which libraries can better understand the benefits and tradeoffs of implementing the mobile tools that can expand their services, and provide entirely new services to users who have never stepped foot into a physical library building, and who never may.

OITP will continue to refine its analysis of the public policy considerations surrounding mobile technologies in libraries, and is working to release a policy brief in the coming months. For more coverage on some of the great topics discussed in Salt Lake City, check out the coverage provided by American Libraries, Lauren Pressley, and the Twitter feed.

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Jacob Roberts is the communications specialist for the ALA Washington Office.

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