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Key library issues coming soon in Congress

This week, both the Senate and House of Representatives returned from recess to a full agenda.  In addition to health care reform, climate change, and Senate appropriations, this fall will see several key library issues on the Congressional agenda.  As we look at the ALA legislative priorities, library advocates will need to be prepared to take action on the following issues:

  • Support for the Federal Research Public Access Act of 2009 — Open access to federal funded research reports is a key element of access to government information and transparency in government;
  • Push for reauthorization of the Library Services and Technology Act (LSTA);
  • Reform surveillance laws to protect patron privacy including resolution of Section 215 and related provisions in the USA PATRIOT Act, reform of national security letters and other policies;
  • Support for health care reform to help library budgets and cover library employees.

Got questions?  Want to know more about these issues?  Feel free to call or email us, and, in the coming weeks, stay tuned to the District Dispatch and the ALA Legislative Action Center to become familiar with the current bills and issues and to be prepared for communicating with your senators and representatives.  We’ll keep you up-to-date on these and other issues.

Lynne Bradley, Director
ALA Office of Government Relations

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