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ALA Washington Office Announces Upcoming BTOP/BIP Webinar

The ALA Washington Office is sponsoring another webinar Wednesday, July 22 at 12:30 PM EST on Public Computing Centers and Sustainable Broadband Adoption Funding.

After the earlier webinar which was an overview of BTOP and BIP; this webinar will give potential library applicants specific information and support for their planned applications to the BTOP funding categories of Public Computing Centers and Sustainable Broadband Adoption.

Greg Rohde of e-Copernicus and the former NTIA Administrator will give us an overview of the Public Computer Center application and Sustainable Broadband Adoption Funding Category. He will summarize the program and explain where libraries fit in; going over what is eligible and ineligible, the scoring criteria and other things.

Greg will be followed by Lynne Bradley, Director of ALA’s Office of Government Relations, who will discuss various library-specific scenarios and ideas to illustrate the range of projects that may be supported in these funding categories. She will talk about what would constitute a potentially eligible project.

This will be followed by Q & A, including questions previously submitted during the last webinar and submitted during the program. Answering your questions will be Greg Rohde, Lynne Bradley, Alan Inouye, Director of ALA’s Office for Information Technology Policy, Carrie Lowe, Director of OITP’s Program on Networks, and John Windhausen, of Telepoly.

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Jacob Roberts is the communications specialist for the ALA Washington Office.

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