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Share your thoughts on Open Government!

A message from the Open Government Team at the White House: “The first phase invited you to brainstorm topics for the Open Government recommendations and the second phase explored those topics in greater depth through on-line discussion. This third phase is intended to translate good ideas into specific, concrete, actionable policy. We are asking you to craft recommendations on each of the topics you identified as being of greatest importance.

 The Drafting Phase began yesterday and runs through Sunday June 28th (at midnight). We suggest that you review the submissions from the earlier phases of this process, such as the Discussion blog, the public brainstorm, the government employee brainstorm, and From the Inbox.

Incorporating earlier input, you can write your own draft recommendations, or combine and edit those of others to create a new recommendations. You can then vote on the best draft under each topic through June 30th.

 We encourage you to contribute early, so other participants can build on your proposed text.  Complete directions and a video tour are available on the wiki website.

 Also – don’t forget to add any final comments to the weblog, where new postings on collaboration have recently gone up.                     

*     Enhancing Online Citizen Participation Through Policy

*     Collaboration – Achieving Better Results by Working Together

*     Prizes as Incentives for Public-Private Partnerships

*     Collaborative Problem Solving and Alternative Dispute Resolution (Coming soon!)

 Many thanks in advance for sharing your time and thoughts with us.  Your participation is critical to this effort’s success. 

The Open Government Team”

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