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Reps. Tonko, Ehlers make powerful floor statements during consideration of resolution to honor National Library Week

Freshman Congressman Paul Tonko’s proved libraries have a new ally in the House of Representatives. Constituents from his New York district should contact the representative’s office to thank him for making such a strong floor statement regarding the importance of libraries and librarians.

Rep. Ehlers (MI-3), a long-time supporter of libraries and a sponsor of the resolution, also spoke to the value and importance of libraries and librarians to communities. The Congressman told a very moving story on why libraries are important to him.

Let’s extend the ALA’s thanks to these friends of libraries on Capitol Hill.

Melanie Anderson, Associate Director
ALA Office of Government Relations

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One Comment

  1. cdmeyering cdmeyering

    These are voices crying in the wilderness. Thanks for
    the support. I reside in Rep. Ehlers district and have
    seen his support for libraries and his home town library
    here in Grand Rapids. I wish members of his own party
    in the MI state senate would feel the same and refrain
    from cutting funding for the Library of Michigan.

    Carl Meyering
    Board of Library Commissioners
    City of Grand Rapids, MI

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