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Grants Update

Local Teen Programs Funded

Best Buy Children’s Foundation: Community Grants Program
The Best Buy Children’s Foundation strengthens communities through the support of national, regional, and local grantmaking programs. The Foundation’s Community Grants Program, led by employee committees in each of the company’s eight territories across the United States, provides support to local nonprofit organizations that work to build social, academic, leadership, and/or life skills in early adolescents (primarily ages 13-18). Grant amounts average $5,000 to $7,000, and do not exceed $10,000. Eligible organizations must be located within 50 miles of a Best Buy store or distribution center. Requests may be submitted between May 15 and June 15, 2009. Visit the Foundation’s website to learn more about the program.

Grants Promote Capitalism and Limited Government

Lynde and Harry Bradley Foundation
The Lynde and Harry Bradley Foundation is devoted to strengthening American democratic capitalism and the institutions, principles, and values that sustain and nurture it. The Foundation’s grants support limited, competent government; a dynamic marketplace for economic, intellectual, and cultural activity; and a vigorous defense, at home and abroad, of American ideas and institutions. The Foundation’s current grant categories include the following: Improve Education, Promote Economic Growth and Prosperity, Revitalize Civil Society, Strengthen Private Initiative, Defend and Advance Freedom, Intellectual Infrastructure, and Legacy in Milwaukee. Letters of inquiry may be submitted at any time. Invited proposals are reviewed quarterly. Visit the website listed above for details on each of the Foundation’s grant categories as well as application instructions.

Funds for Pacific Northwest Arts Organizations and Libraries

Paul G. Allen Family Foundation 
The mission of the Paul G. Allen Family Foundation is to transform lives and strengthen communities by fostering innovation, creating knowledge, and promoting social progress. The Foundation supports nonprofit organizations located in the Pacific Northwest (Alaska, Idaho, Montana, Oregon, and Washington). The Foundation is accepting letters of inquiry in the following selected grant categories: In response to the new economic landscape, the Foundation’s grantmaking in the Arts and Culture Program is focused on efforts that help arts organizations strengthen their financial performance. Through the Community Development and Social Change Program, the Foundation supports projects that help public libraries and library systems engage and serve diverse populations and growing communities. Letters of inquiry must be submitted by May 22, 2009. Visit the Foundation’s website for online application instructions.

Funding for Youth Literacy Programs

Dollar General is accepting applications for its Youth Literacy Grants program.

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