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Stimulus Update: Senate May Vote Today

Just when it appeared Congress was drawing near a conclusion to the negotiations, compromises, and final votes needed to send the economic stimulus on its way to the President’s desk, the matter became a bit more complicated and uncertain.

Current speculation is that the Senate will be forced to vote today on the $788 billion agreement because the House passed a resolution requiring a period of 48 hours before a vote so that members may read the bill.

At this point, we cannot say for sure what is in the legislation, as the final bill text has not been released. As we learn more about what is or isn’t in the bill in the coming days, ALA’s Washington Office will once again seek out your vital grassroots efforts when needed.

In the meantime, the best thing you can do is stay informed through keeping an eye on the news and on the District Dispatch, which we will continue to update as  this process continues.

Kristin Murphy, Government Relations Specialist
ALA Washington Office

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