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Stimulus Update: Latest Numbers Look Good for Libraries

We have received the latest numbers for the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act.

While the full text has not been made available to the public, we still believe that there are many opportunities for all types of libraries in this version, including the following:

  • $7.2 billion for infrastructure improvement for broadband
  • $105.9 billion for investments in education and training, which includes:
    • $53.6 billion for the State Fiscal Stabilization Fund, including
      • $39.5 billion to local school districts, which can be used for preventing cutbacks, preventing layoffs, modernization or other purposes;  (school libraries can be included)
      • $8.8 billion to the states for high-priority needs; libraries can be a part of this provision, and the modernization, renovation and repairs of public school facilities and institutions of higher education facilities,  (includes school libraries).

We will continue to post information, as it becomes available to us.

Emily Sheketoff, Executive Director
ALA Washington Office

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  1. mel mel

    Latest numbers look good for *school* libraries. Good for them!

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