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LCA, MLA Provide Additional Evidence in Support of Broadening Audiovisual Exemption of DMCA Section 1201

The American Library Association (as a member of the Library Copyright Alliance, along with the Association of Research Libraries, the American Association of Law Libraries and the Special Libraries Association) and the Music Library Association have filed response comments supporting proposed exemptions to Section 1201 rulemaking during the second round of proceedings by the U.S. Copyright Office at the Library of Congress.

The response outlines additional evidence supporting the circumvention of access control technologies of audiovisual works included in a library of a college or university when “circumvention is accomplished for the purpose of making compilations of portions of those works for educational use in the classroom by professors.”  In addition to highlighting the absence of alternatives available for those who use audiovisual works in the classroom, the response includes eight additional examples of film clip use by college and university faculty in the classroom — from many academic disciplines.

The LCA and MLA response comments were filed on February 2, 2009, and are available here; and was one of 56 respondents’ comments which are available at the U.S. Copyright Office’s here.  Additional information on the LCA and MLA’s first round submission filed in December 2008 is available on a previous District Dispatch post available here.

Corey Williams, Associate Director
ALA Washington Office

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